Paris - City of romance

Paris has so much to offer to lovebirds that it would take tonnes of pages to describe it. The most famous places for dates are the iconic Eiffel Tower, historical Arc de Triumph, Pont Alexandre III and Champs-Elysées.
But… We found some little gems hidden that are known mostly by locals.
This is Paris for Real!
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Les Petites Bouchées offers you the opportunity to taste gourmet dishes at lunchtime and in the evening in a pleasant, luminous setting both modern and authentic.

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The Address: Rue du Roi Sicile 4
Phone: +33 1 44 61 49 96
Le Batofar is well known in the Parisian nightlife scene and its definitely one of a kind. Step on board this boat to discover a bar, nightclub, restaurant and concert hall! The music is mainly electronic, but they also play Hip-Hop, underground, alternative and rock music. You can mingle with the crowd or take a seat in a corner.

Visit the website here
The Address: Quai Francois Mauriac 11
Phone: +33 1 53 60 17 00
Le Batofar evening fun Paris
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Nestled in an industrial-looking building on the unassuming rue Crespin du Gast in the 11th, Le Perchoir is the kind of place that only Parisians Visit frequently. We all know that Paris doesn't have many rooftop bars and terraces that also whip up a great cocktail, which is why Le Perchoir was an inmedeate hit when it opened in 3013

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The Address: Rue Crespin du Gast 14
Phone: +33 1 480 618 48